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Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
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By Cameron Monti
I wanted the best overall sounding PORTABLE (the key being portable) bluetooth speaker system. I spent literally weeks auditioning, ordering, purchasing, and returning several brands and models of speaker systems. The winner in my opinion for best sound quality was, hands down, Dr. Dre's Beatbox (this is the newer version). It is worth noting that the sound quality is directly linked to the bluetooth device and the sound settings (e.g., equalizer or preset sound type) you are using to send music to the speaker device -- don't underestimate this important factor! Time will tell if I have any issues reported by others about reliability and durability. I'm hoping this newer version has resolved the since of older Beatbox models. Time will tell.

DR. DRE BEATBOX: Sound quality is 9/10. It has the "Wow" factor. It has the best punchy, deep bass on the market for a portable bluetooth speaker. It also has distinct crisp treble and separation of vocals. The sound is full and has a "high-end" sound quality to it. The highs may actually seem a bit overbearing at times. The bass can handle the most demanding rap and hip hop music. For a compact speaker system with handles on each side, the sound quality is amazing. You could close your eyes an believe your ears are listening to a small home theater system. Yes, there is no remote as many complain about, but just turn up the volume on max and control the volume from your music device. Also, I wish this had rechargeable or lithium-ion batteries, but requires 6 "D" batteries. The construction and build quality is excellent and substantial. It links easily to bluetooth by holding the power button for a few seconds until it blinks white and red. Then you just "scan" your bluetooth setting until it discovers the Beatbox. I highly recommend this, even though it is expensive.

EU LOGITECH BOOMBOX: Sound quality: 7/10. Build quality is excellent. Has some weight to it. The bass is deeper than the Jawbone Jambox, but has a slightly annoying "hollow" sound to it. I certainly would not describe it as "punchy." The treble is decent, but not impressive. The sound seemed a bit mushed together with little separation of instruments. Don't get me wrong, this sounds good, but in my opinion, the sound quality does not rise to the level of the "Wow" factor...close...but not quite there.

JAWBONE BIG JAMBOX: Sound quality: 5.5/10. I was very disappointed with the sound quality for the $300 price. The LiveAudio function just make the sound "wider" but not better. Yes it can play loudly...they all can. For $250+ any speaker should play loudly, right? In fact, I preferred the LiveAudio on the off setting. The trebles were very distinct and clean. The bass felt artificial and somewhat lacking. The BeatBox blows the bass response away compared to the Big Jambox. Out of the top three, I think this was the most overpriced bluetooth speaker.

Bose Soundlink II: Sound quality 6.5/10. Yes it sounded nice. A typical Bose product. I just wanted something more. Every "sample" that Bose plays on their display are intended to maximize the sound capability. I can honestly say, I was just not interested in the Bose Soundlink II since it was so unattractive, and I'm just so tired of the numbingly "blah" sound of Bose (and yes, I own several Bose speaker systems, so I am not a so-called Bose hater). I wanted to be "Wowed" -- this didnt do it for me.

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By mary
I purchased this back in July 2013. Absolutely loved it for the first few weeks. Then suddenly the Bluetooth connection wasn't working properly. I had to either re-pair it again and that would sometimes reconnect it, OR I had to physically dock it into the system. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of Bluetooth, having to have to dock it?? Very frustrating after about a month if using this item, trying to tweak it here and there and finding all these workarounds just so I could listen to music. I spent more time trying to get it to play than actually listening to music. I came to the conclusion that maybe I got a lemon. So, I returned it and got a different one. I was wrong, the second one is just as inconsistent as the first. A matter of fact I had guest over for dinner the other night. The unit was playing fine using the Bluetooth, then after about 10 minutes it just stopped. My iPhone was next to me, about 15 feet away from the beatbox, it said it was connected but for whatever odd reason it just stopped working. Take it from me, I've given this unit the old college try now for four months and I am so disappointed because I love the way it sounds. I think most of the other "good reviews" hasn't had the unit long enough to experience what a disappointing piece of technology this is. DO not buy this. Stick with a Bose system. Been around longer and Bose spells quality.

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2Monster beat box
By Ygrdh
The sound may be good but the quality of the box and the poor customer service bring my rating down. The buttons that control the volume stopped working and if it's out of warrant there is nothing they can do or suggest you do. I was syncing it with blue tooth and my android phone but since the buttons stopped working I can't do that since there is no way to do that with remote. Very disappointed. Should have bought a Bose.

Product Feature

  • Incredibly powerful sound. Despite its compact size, the Beatbox Portable speaker brings soaring highs and deep, booming bass to every room in the house. It's wireless and cord-free.
  • Control the Beatbox remotely using your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away. Beatbox Portable supports SBC, AAC, NFC and Apt-X Bluetooth codecs, you'll always get much higher quality sound than most other Bluetooth devices.
  • Use an outlet or 6 "D" cell batteries to set up anywhere. Use the USB connector for your devices or plug into the back with a 3.5mm jack.
  • Includes a USB A jack for reverse charging on the go. Charge your phone or iPod while enjoying the incredible sound of the Beatbox Portable. Audio streaming connection includes an aux input and Bluetooth.

Product Description

Wherever you go, engulf the room with deep bass and rich sound while staying wirelessly in control. Place Beatbox Portable in the corner of any room to fill it with legendary Beats by Dr. Dre bass and style. If you’re on the move, Beatbox Portable is light enough to take the party with you.

Product Detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #3304 in Network Media Player
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Beats
  • Released on: 2013-01-21
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 9.84" h x9.45" w x18.50" l,10.80 pounds

"Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)"

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