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Beats by Dr Dre Lil Wayne Beatbox Portable Lil Wayne - Red

Beats by Dr Dre Lil Wayne Beatbox Portable Lil Wayne - Red
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By Tony
First off, the reason this Beatbox Portable from Beats says it's new while other from Monster says (old version) is, if some don't know Beats is now mainly owned by HTC and not Monster. So they basically all they did was remove the Monster from the box, the product itself is exactly the same and the quality is exactly the same, [Don't get Beatbox original and Beatbox Portable mixed]

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I'll give you guys the pros and cons...


Bluetooth, this was a sell point for me, I wanted something that supports my iphone and also my ipod classic and also my macbook air (I have a bluetooth adaptor that plugs into the ipod ), the bluetooth was easy to use and connect with no issues.

Design, as usual for a Beats product, their design really stand out from other brands and it looks really nice

Quality, the speaker have a good weight, more towards the heavy side if you wanna be picky, but it has a nice built quality, although it's plastic around, it doesn't feel cheap and seems well built if it was to fall or accidents.

Performance, this is a tricky part because everyone listen to different music, but if you're into rap, hip-hop, pop, r&b, techno, dubstep, reggie and rock, this is good for you, I fit into the hip-hop, rap and techno category and it has a really strong base to support the song and it does get loud for its size.


Price, this is a good quality speaker, but as usual with Beats product, it's not worth the price, there are other brands out there like Sony that can do similar quality.

Batteries, for the price you pay for these, it's kinda of a shame they didn't include rechargeable batteries much like the Bose and other brands, this is a portable speaker and the idea of buying 6 large batteries which last only about 10 hours is not modern, sure you can buy rechargeable batteries, but these batteries are not small and you would need to buy 12 of them if you always want to have one charged.

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2Sounds good - when it works
By R. Larsen
I'm on my 2nd unit. First one was returned under warranty for power/bluetooth connectivity issues.

2nd unit exhibits the same problem. While using batteries, it often locks up. Stays on, buttons lit, but won't respond to any input whatsoever. My workaround this time is to use it only plugged in, and forgo the batteries. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being "portable."

Also, the bluetooth connectivity is spotty. Sometimes it works fine, and other times it loses the connection and goes silent. The only way around this is to reboot the Beatbox and Phone and reconnect. Annoying.

So, at this price point, one should get absolute problem free perfection, but sadly that isn't the case. I'd move along and not waste your time here...

Other than those issues, the sound is pretty good, when it's working. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product.

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4Works great most of the time.
By Wbyork
I love this product when it works. The sound is amazing. I listen to mostly edm and rock/alternative so the bass is important and this really reproduces it well. It gets loud enough that my wife tells me to turn it down. A couple of gripes are that the blue-tooth sometimes does not connect easily and I have to unpair it and start over which is frustrating for a $400 product. I wish it had a re-chargeable battery and I wish the buttons clicked or something when you pushed them.

Product Feature

  • Dock Compatibility - Apple iPod, Apple iPhone
  • Input - 1 x auxiliary 1/8 (3.5 mm) line audio input
  • Height - 6.7 (171 mm)
  • Weight - 8.8 lb (4.0 kg)

Product Description

The Beatbox Portable speaker inspired by Lil Wayne was designed to unleash the high-powered Beats by Dr. Dre sound no matter where the party goes. There’s pretty much no device, mix or sound it can’t handle. Wherever you go, engulf the room with deep bass and rich sound while staying wirelessly in control. Place Beatbox Portable in the corner of any room to fill it with legendary Beats by Dr. Dre bass and style. If you’re on the move, Beatbox Portable is light enough to take the party with you.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Lil Wayne Red
  • Brand: Beats
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.88" h x8.88" w x17.50" l,9.22 pounds

"Beats by Dr Dre Lil Wayne Beatbox Portable Lil Wayne - Red"

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