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Beats by Dr Dre Pill Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Neon Orange

Beats by Dr Dre Pill Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Neon Orange
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5Classic Beats style with unique new features
By B. Harris
The Beats Pill is a pretty awesome little speaker.

It has a lot of the same functions as other speakers in it's category (Jambox, Solemate, etc), but it has a number of things that set it apart from the others.

First is NFC - I you aren't familiar, NFC allows you to simply tap your phone on the speaker and it will automatically pair it via bluetooth. No messing with bluetooth menu settings... It's great! However, you need an NFC capable phone to make this happen. Most newer android phones have it, but if you're an iPhone user, this feature won't help you.

Pass-through Audio - This has both in AND OUT jacks. So, even if you don't pair via NFC/Bluetooth, you can still hook up your computer or other audio sources via cable. MOREOVER, you can use the audio out to make ANY device a bluetooth and/or NFC capable sound device. You could leave it plugged in to your home stereo system and stream music from your phone, if you wanted. HUGE feature (actually why I got this over others).

Speaker phone capability - Some competitors have this, some don't. But, what they all don't have is the easy functionality of the pill. If you're listening to music and get a call, it gives you the option to answer it with your pill. You just tap the 'b' button on the front the answer. If you get another call while already in a call, you can tap and hold to ignore, or tap quickly to switch to the new call. You can switch back and forth between the calls with another button tap, and you can hang up with a sustained press (versus a tap). If you want to switch back to your phone at any time, you just double tap the button. Everything is handled with the same button. It's super simple and feels very natural. The calls themselves are very clear, and I didn't have any trouble with audio on either end.

Style - If beats is known for anything, it's style. The pill, in comparison to its competition, is miles ahead. It fits comfortably in your hand, looks seamless, and feels very solid. There's nothing about this speaker that gives the feel of low quality.

Sound - This little sucker is actually pretty good! I honestly wasn't expecting much from it. A lot of other Bluetooth speakers are using passive radiators to help boost the range of the speakers, but this one isn't... but it still holds it's own! It provides more than enough volume to sit in a moderately busy area and fill it with sound.

Battery life - You can probably expect to see 5 or 6 hours out of it. Most tech blog reviews are saying 7... so I guess I play my music louder than most. Either way, this is a pretty decent time, considering how compact this speaker is. There are other speakers that have better battery life, but they are much larger.

Overall, this is a great little portable speaker. The size is awesome, the sound is good, and the style is classy. The only thing I feel like compares to it currently is the Nokia Play 360, which is much bigger/bulkier, and is still missing some feature that the Pill has.

If I had to complain about anything, it'd be that the sounds it makes when you turn it on and off a little obnoxious. That's it though.

At a $200+tax price tag (picked mine up at BestBuy), I think this is a good value, considering what you're getting. When it comes to bluetooth portable speakers, this one's a winner.

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4Moved to Beats Pill from Jambox
I switched from the Jambox to the Beats Pill. The main reason initially was actually not for the sound quality but for the complaints I got when I was using the Jambox for hands-free conversations with an iPhone 5. For half of the times people on the other side were not able to hear clearly what I was saying. This did led me to compare the Beats Pill with Jambox, JBL Flip and Logitech UE Mobile. I don't think I could find a big difference in sound among Jambox, JBL Flip and Logitech UE, which all seem to give richer sounds. I actually think overall JBL Flip has the best sound, while Jambox is sexy and interactive with the voice messages.

Beats Pill is certainly different from the other three. While Jambox and others give richer sounds, the voice of the singers is somehow always muffled. At the first time when I listened to the same songs with the Pill, I actually felt it sound too crispy and too sharp or "metalized". I changed the EQ setting on the iPhone 5 to "Bass Booster" and then it became almost perfect for me. I also tried the hands-free calls, so far nobody complained.

While everybody is comparing Beats Pill with Jambox, but not with JBL Flip and Logitech UE, mainly because of the close price tags. The prices of Beats Pill and Jambox used to be the same, but not anymore. You would easily see a $50 difference now and you can get a Jambox for a price much closer to those for Flip and UE now. While, UE's looking is not attractive enough. Flip would be OK if it does not remind you of a lying Coca cane.

The carrying case that comes with Pill is certainly a proper one. The one with Jambox does not do much protection and it is difficult to put it on the Jambox.

Overall, I think the Beats Pill is a good quality mobile speaker for both playing music and small conference calls. The battery lasts 7 hrs instead of 10 hrs (for Jambox), which is not a big deal to me. I was going to get a white one but actually selected a black one. The black could look dull, but with the red "b" lightened up, it actually looks very good. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because of the price difference in comparison with others of similar functions on the market. Also, Jambox is very successful in terms of being interactive, with the voice messages and the future possibilities one can explore with the MYTALK configurations.Beats by Dr. Dre Pill (Black) (NEWEST)

A major update:
Since I had the Beats Pill for about one day, it occurred about 8 times that the sound transfer was stopped. It was paired with my iPhone 5, which did not have a problem with Jambox at all. Called Beats support and was told that this problem was caused by the IOS update to 6.01 and they are trying to work with Apple to solve it. Hope they could solve this problem without a need to update the firmware of the Pill itself. Here shows another advantage of Jambox then of which the firmware update can be done with MYTALK.

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2Really like it, BUT..........
By aztec506
I picked this up at Best Buy, Amazon was out of stock.

This is exactly what I was looking for - small, great sound for a small package, good case, easy connection, can act as a bluetooth receiver, light weight, ability to use as a speakerphone, good looking. I intended to use the Pill when traveling to listen to music when connected to my iphone, ipad and laptop and to use at home for a speakerphone.

HOWEVER, the Pill keeps losing the connection to my iPhone (4s). Occasionally cuts in/out and eventually loses the connection. I have to shut off the bluetooth on my phone, press the Pill's connect button and reconnect from my phone. Not good since I bought it to use for exactly that purpose - bluetooth. Otherwise I would have just bought some cheaper speakers and connected it with a wire. My iPod nano (7th) and both of my laptops stay connected. This happens regardless of the distance - 1 foot, 3 foot, 10 foot. Weird. I haven't tried the speakerphone capability, but if my phone loses it's connection then it's not worth using as a speakerphone.

I'll probably return the item and maybe get another one through Amazon if they are in stock just in case this one is defective.

I've owned a Jambox and played around with the Monster, Jabra Solemate and others that are about this size and I'll have to say the Pill has them beat hands down in my opinion. I also own a Bose Soundlink and love it - none of the smaller lighter speakers come close to the Bose sound, but then again I bought the Pill for portability. The Bose is larger and heavier than what I want for traveling, but for use around the house it is GREAT.

I just want it to work. If the replacement keeps a solid connection I'll amend my review. But as of now I can't recommend the Pill for use with an iPhone.

Product Feature

  • Bluetooth capability and internal microphone make talking on the phone easier and better sounding than ever before
  • Dimensions - 1.8 H x 7.5 L
  • Includes - 1.5 m audio cable (3.5mm to 3.5 mm), USB 2.0 charge/data cable, carry case with carabiner, AC power adapter

Product Description

Built to act not only as a powerful, compact speaker for listening to music but also as a portable system for taking calls, the Pill does it all with the freedom of wireless. Despite its compact size, the Pill produces powerful sound. It's easy to enjoy soaring highs and deep, booming bass in every room of the house. The Pill is wireless and cord-free. You're good to set up anywhere. The Pill is lightweight so it won't slow you down and small enough to fit in whatever you're carrying out the door. The carry case even comes with a handy carabiner so you can attach it to your backpack.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Neon Orange
  • Brand: Beats
  • Model: Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Neon-Orange
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x6.00" w x8.00" l,1.00 pounds

"Beats by Dr Dre Pill Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Neon Orange"

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