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Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones (Silver)

Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones (Silver)
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2I really wanted to like these!
By William Wiegler
I have been on the hunt for noise canceling headphones that sound great and look stylish. Of course, "look stylish" is completely subjective but I generally like the aesthetics of Apple products (clean, modern design) and the feel of high-quality materials. When I saw the Beats Executive headphones I thought they had gotten it right. I really like the look, the materials seems to be all metal and leather, giving the impression of a classy, durable, elegant product -- at least in my opinion. They appear to be well made and I could see myself wearing them (by the way, I'm not a hip hop kind of guy -- I'm a business guy with a rock n roll sensibility). Also, I liked the fact that the printing on top of the headband said simply "Beats" and not "Beats by Dr Dre". Anyway, I tried them on at an Apple store and thought they were comfortable and then listened to some music. Not bad, I thought. Then I tried on the Bose Quiet Comfort 15 as a comparison. The Bose are much lighter, but the materials feel more plastic and less substantial. Nonetheless, the lightness of the Bose did make them very comfortable and easy to wear. But the sound of the Bose is the biggest difference. The Bose let the music come alive, and the Beats smother the music with poor EQ. I tried a few different genres of music and the biggest difference came when I listened to a Norah Jones track that started with an upright acoustic bass. The Bose made the bass sound like a real upright bass -- the tone, the articulation, it was beautiful. Listening to the same track on the Beats -- I couldn't even tell that it was an upright bass. It had none of the nuances of the tone, attack or resonance. So based on that, I will not be buying the Beats. Ideally, I would like the look of the Beats Executive and the sound quality of the Bose combined in one set of headphones. So it's up to you -- which is more important: the look or the sound?

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1Upgrade your sound to first class?
By RougeElement61
Try upgrade your sound to last class. The EQ on these headphones are pitiful. The highs are barely there, they've done 0 with the mids and the bass is so far overdriven that you may as well use these as a vibrator. The audio quality coming out of these headphones is far from superior. I'd ALMOST rather a pair of Skullcandy smokin' buds (which are also pitiful). If you want some serious over ear head phones pick yourself up a pair of Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's, or some Audio Technica MT50's, both of which are a lot cheaper, are made of some high quality materials, and the sound quality is almost unparalleled. Treat your ears with some respect, don't even consider picking a pair of these up, especially not for $300 which is WAY too much money to pay for these, you're paying for the name.

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3If you LOVE your music, you can do better.
So here we are again with another Beats Headphone. Considered to be the newest in the Beats series, The Executive model aims to take listening to the next level, featuring active noise cancellation for a change. These hit retail early in October 2012 and is the first headphone that Beats have created without Monster Cable's help. Monster and Beats parted ways and the Beats decided to come up with a fresh "new" concept.

The headphone is aimed for people who are frequently flying and don't have enough space to cram a big casing headphone in their carry on. In all honesty, It's a rehash of the Beats Studios, but fine tuned and built a little different. For starters, the headphone has more of an aluminum finish than the plastic build you see in the Studio model. Although identical in height, The Executives can either fold in like the Studios or fold sideways like a pair of Sennheiser PXC450s. This particular fold is what makes the headphone compact with the slim case, though the case is still significantly wide.

The Executives are also the first Noise Cancelling headphones in the Beats series. Some people think the Studio model was, but that headphone is more of a powered sound isolating headset with a built in amplifier that drives the bass and lows, and they bleed out insane at higher volumes.

The Executives are a bit more quiet at louder volumes but do their best to be as crisp on the Highs and Mids. The Bass response is there but not as punchy as the Studios or any other Beats branded headphone. The noise cancelling is ok at best. You still hear a hissing sound coming from the headphone, but testing it with the white noise app does show it is capable of reducing background ambient noise.

Because this is a noise cancelling headphone, you need batteries. Remember when I said these were a rehash Studio model? The batteries go in the same section that the Studios had them place, and the b logo on the right earcup sports a monitor button like the Studios do. The only minute difference is that the left earcup where the batteries go; the b logo is actually a magnetic fix as oppose to a twist and pull door.

Getting down to how they handle music; the headphones do a good job of supplementing bass still if you listen to RnB, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rap. If you listen to country, classical, or even acoustic guitar, they don't do a good job. It's subpar at best and the audio quality isn't as warm as some other headphones at $300. You can buy a pair of AKG K495s for the same price and get a better audio sound than these guys, but preference is an issue here on what you listen to.

The last gripe about the headphone is that they still only come with the cable designed for Apple iPhones and other iProducts. The mic is supposedly able to work on HTC phones, but when I tried it on my EVO3D, the person couldn't hear my voice. The other issue is the battery. Because these are powered headphones, the battery life on these with standard AAA's is about 22-25 hours. The main concern here is that the headphone went down the Bose road, meaning that if you turn off the headset, you get nothing to listen. They have to be powered on so you can use listen to them on the go.

They're not bad headphones, but the price is an issue. You're really getting at most, a mid-range headset for a high price, and there's better noise cancelling headphones on the market that will you serve you better like Audio-Technica's ANC9. While the build is better, the audio takes a huge step back, and you may feel wanting more out of your music after listening to these. But if you listen to the genres I mentioned above (Rap, etc.) they're good headphones, but trust me... you can do better.

Product Feature

  • Beats Executive headphones are crafted to provide crisp, uninterrupted sound with the best quality materials. The sleek, aluminum body ensures a durable product and the soft ear cushions provide hours of listening comfort.
  • Lightweight but sturdy materials and a unique folding design make Beats Executive headphones easy to carry for incredible sound anywhere.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and custom EQ deliver pure audio that is free from external disruptions and exceptionally clear.
  • The Beats Executive sound profile reproduces clear highs, deep bass, and sonically true mids.

Product Description

Beats Executive headphones are crafted to provide crisp, uninterrupted sound with the best quality materials. The sleek, aluminum body ensures a durable product and the soft ear cushions provide hours of listening comfort.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Beats
  • Model: BT OV EXEC SLV
  • Released on: 2012-10-16
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.28" h x6.86" w x5.50" l,3.18 pounds
  • Display size: 1

"Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones (Silver)"

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