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Beats Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (White)

Beats Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (White)
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4Great Redesign
By wowza606
The Heartbeats 2.0 are a great upgrade from the original Heartbeats, in pretty much all aspects. The sound quality is clearer in all ranges, the design is more flattering, and the comfort of these are miles better than the triangle-shape of the original. The flat cable is also much more light-weight, which is great, since one of the drawbacks I had with the originals was having the earbuds fall out due to a heavy cable and awkward shaped ear tips.

I did not order straight from Amazon (bought them in-store at Best Buy), so there were some differences in the included items. Instead of 6 sets of ear tips, I got 5, but it was still very easy to find the right one for my ears. It also included 2 sets of tiered ear tips, one large and one small. Instead of a hard case, it came with a small black pouch with a gold stud in one corner and diamond pattern on one side, and "Lady Gaga" written in Born-This-Way-font on the other, all in black, and very subtle. I don't use ControlTalk on my phone, so I can't review that capability, but it works well to pause, play, and skip through songs on my iPod.

I did not receive SportHooks, assuming those are the hooks that attach to the headphones and go around the ears, so I can't judge how well those fit or are designed.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase. As someone who owns 5 sets of various headphones, including Audio-Technica ATH-M50s & UrbanEars for over the ear, as well as Sony buds, Heartbeats 1.0, and now the Heartbeats 2.0 for in-ear buds, I would rank these as 2nd in sound, quality, and design (first goes to the ATH-M50s, of course!). And as a former graphic design student, can I just say that the packaging for all Beats products are gorgeous? They really let the headphones shine, stand out, and add to the quality of what you're buying. The only thing keeping me from a 5-star review is the price, but what else would you expect from a master marketer such as Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre? Gaga reeled me in, and thankfully I'm pleased with the product.

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2If 'sound really matters' to you, these are not the buds for you
By Angela
I know this review will be going against what other reviewers, but I am simply being 100% honest. As a passionate music lover, these headphones do not deliver as advertised. I'm a budding audiophile and was looking for some replacements for my default Apple earbuds that I could proudly add to my current collection of my two dearly loved over-ear headphones.

Since I'm a big fan of Gaga and loved the way the Heartbeats 2.0 looked in photos, I kept these headphones on my Amazon wishlist for a couple months. I did research on Amazon and other audiophile websites and generally kept turning back on these due to consistently good reviews at 4-5 stars. Even CNet said these were pretty decent. My friend, being the beautiful soul he is, decided to gift these to me since I'd been searching for new earbuds for so long. And when they came, they looked so beautiful in the box that I had that special feeling that I wanted to keep them safe forever...

But love at first sight is deceiving. Quite honestly, the case that comes with them is higher quality than the buds themselves. Ironically, the top of the (faux leather) case features a quote that says "Sound really matters" in white. When I saw this, I thought these were going to deliver on that tagline, but they didn't.


The clarity is not there, period. This goes for both the highs (where you need them most) and the mids. I figured that since Gaga is a singer, she'd really have the highs on point so that you can get the rich clarity and fullness of a human voice, but it was all just flat. Similar to the highs and mids, the bass also lacks clarity. Though it does bump and vibrate, there's no richness that makes the bass feel so good. It's lacking the soundstage that makes your head and body move (which is what makes bass so important in the first place). Everything, even if your eq is balanced, makes the tones sound like your treble is turned all the way up with that sort of filterless sound; just no richness whatsoever.


Though there are 6 different size ear tips included, including two of the 3-flange ear tip styles, even when you find the size that fits into your ear canal, you have to really shove them into your ear to get them to stay. The lack of comfort comes from both the design of the the earbud and the angle of the cord - the whole silicone rubber part really needs to be squished into your hear to stay in since the flat cord that hangs straight down will be a counterweight that can make these buds fall out even at the slightest tug. And once they are in deep, needless to say, it's a bit uncomfortable. I expect that stuffy ear I-can-hear-my-voice-like-I'm-underwater feeling when I wear ear plugs, but NOT $130 Beats/Gaga endorsed ear buds. I prize my ears and hearing a lot, and stuffy ear canals is just bad for my hearing and worse, for buildup of moisture and fungus.

For the Sake of Fashion, I Tried

I really gave them a chance. I really tried to see if I could make them work. I even fiddled with the eq and tried all the silicone eartips 2-3 times each to see if I could get them to fit properly to make the sound work better for me/make them more comfortable/make them have more staying power. But it was all in vain. In general, I feel bad because I feel that as someone who's really starting to get into music at a deeper level, this purchase was 100% in vain.

I truly like the design and was truly hoping that I'd be another proud owner of some Beats. Unfortunately, even after all my trying to make them work, I just had to have my friend who gave me the gift return them so that he could at least get a refund. I couldn't lie and say that I loved them and they were my new go-to earbuds when I really actually wasn't feeling them. And we're in college so though these sorts of expenses are luxury, if this amount were refunded back to him it'd make a big difference.

All Beats are Prettier to Look at than to Use

In general, as a budding audiophile, I've been pretty disappointed in general in the whole Dr. Dre Beats line of products. They're advertised well as being like a studio standard as well as having the endorsements of musicians who should really know their music equipment, but I wish more Beats owners would tell the truth about the product in the reviews.

I'm still a big fan of Lady Gaga, and I did expect that if she put her name to a product, it would stand up to her standards of quality, but I think these headphones are just a branding scheme. I think Gaga probably does have high standards for quality, but I don't think these would be her choice of headphones if she owns any. Also, I think she probably helped design them, in fact, all Beats are a fashion statement to have now... but if you're someone who really loves music and are looking for audio equipment that isn't just a fashion statement but actually delivers the richness in sound that you deserve as a music lover, then anything by Dr. Dre's Beats product line is not for you, including, unfortunately, the Heartbeats 2.0.

****DISCLAIMER: My whole reason for writing this review is because EVERYWHERE ELSE these buds get 4-5 stars (like most other Beats products). I'm not a hater. I'm just trying to keep it 100%, so I hope at 2 stars, this doesn't get pegged as just another hater and gets unread. I hope others don't make the same mistake I did. Vanity is an expensive hobby. For me, though, how good they looked even in the vainest part of me wasn't enough to justify me trading off on sound, comfort, quality, and durability - even if they look good in the box or would make me look really cool in photos.

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5Heartbeats 2.0
By Heartbeats 2.0
The heartbeats 2.0 were just flawless. It could handle the bass very well. All high and low notes could be heard. Very good design. It also has a flat cable which makes the cable tangle-free. Eveything was good, but they should have included the volume in the control talk. BUt oh well, at least there was a play/end/call button.

Product Feature

  • 7 sets of ear tips ensure the perfect fit
  • Comes with Control Talk Universal for mobile phone capability
  • Designed by Lady Gaga, inspired by her leather jacket studs
  • High performance sound; accurate speaker design delivers music with extreme clarity and bass
  • Includes compact carrying case

Product Description

Lady Gaga designed Heartbeats earphones to share her passion for fashion and sound with everyone. Inspired by the studs on her leather jackets, these premium earphones hang on a leathery cord, bringing Lady Gaga’s style and the Beats by Dr. Dre signature sound together for the first time.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Beats
  • Released on: 2011-07-15
  • Dimensions: 9.13" h x6.13" w x1.00" l,.36 pounds

"Beats Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (White)"

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