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Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone (Infinite Black)

Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone (Infinite Black)
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3Impressive, But Not For Everyone
By Randy
I had a good listen comparing these to the original Beats. In the end, I must agree with the many others who've tried these, they are MUCH better than the beats. Bass is still predominant, but highs and especially mids are much better represented. I think it's due to the lack of noise canceling, but these are much more lively than the original Beats

At 400$, you're really not paying for sound as much as durability. These are ROCK SOLID, the entire thing is really mostly metal, except the parts with the cushions. I must stress that there are much better offerings from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Ultrasone (google them if you've never heard of them) IN TERMS OF SOUND. But if sound is not as important for you as durability, such that you're not an audiophile but just an average listener. I promise you these will last. Let me say again, ROCK SOLID.

My biggest warning for everyone who is reading this is the comfort factor. Unlike what you've been hearing from others from youtube (there are so many unboxing videos on these already), these are not necessarily comfortable. Let me explain why. Unlike the original Beats and other around ear headphones, these are ON EAR headphones. Usually, ON EAR headphones are built so they can swivel to how much you ears "stick out" if you know what I mean. Like how much you ears wedge out. A well known example of a comfortable ON EAR headphones would be Bose QC3, and they do swivel. NOTE THAT I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW THE BEATS PRO ARE ABLE TO SPIN, WHICH DON'T HELP COMFORT IN ANY WAY. Since these headphones don't swivel, they hurt, and HURT ALOT, for me at least. If you still don't understand me, just imagine the fact that these headphones will flatten an elf's ears towards its head when worn. do you think the elf would be in pain?

I can't listen to these for more than one song, because they hurt so much for me. This is why I didn't give a more detail description of the sound. I would really suggest people interested and potential buyers of these headphones to TRY THEM ON AT BEST BUY. Trust me, it does no harm to take a look at the Best Buy nearest to you. But it's better than getting them and regretting, which almost happened to me.

EDIT JULY 28, 2011: I was around best buy again and a test model was available, so I tried them on again. It appears that the clamping problems has been resolved by Monster. I did not feel the pressure around my ears anymore. Nonetheless, durability is top notch which is perfect for full sized portability but for sound and cheaper options for BASS I would suggest other headphones. For instance, look up the Sony XB-700 which I also reviewed.Sony MDR-XB700 50mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones

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2superior packaging and marketing; sub-par sound
By Neil van Niekerk
If they had spent as much effort in creating a quality product with sound to match their packaging, then these would be killer headphones. But, as it turns out, the sound is mediocre. It is bass-heavy without the mid-tones or higher tones popping out in the mix.

These head-phones are over-priced for what they deliver.

I am disappointed.

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5These Beat Pros Will Not Disappoint! ( Long Review )
By That Crazy Music Dude
These headphones are by far the best i've ever had, and I've tried and bought many.

I have the Bose Qc15's and I have to say, if you don't mind not having noise canceling, these beat pros blow them out of the water. Not saying that the beats don't have any noise isolation!

At half volume, you won't hear a thing outside of these headphones unless someones screaming or something! I've also worn these on airplanes with an airline adapter that I picked up at the stores, and they literally block out most of the cabin noise.

The bass is just unbelievable. I play some of my Dubstep, House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Ambient, Classical, and even Vocal songs on these headphones, and I can tell you right now, they sound fantastic.

I can turn up the volume to the maximum and The bass is still there! No more ugly distortions and loss of sound. And the best thing is, the bass never overpowers everything else.

The highs on these headphones are unreal, and very defined, as well as the mids. No complaint for sound quality, as I believe that these headphones offer the BEST for what they're worth.

Despite what other people say about the comfort of these headphones, these feel absolutely fine on me. I've worn them for hours-on-end, and never experienced any discomfort whatsoever, but if you're looking for the best comfort has to offer, chose the Qc15's.

These headphones are extremely durable, as they are made out of very smooth feeling aluminum. They feel solid, and I myself have dropped them once or twice, surprised to see that they're still in mint condition.

I cannot emphasize more that these headphones are VERY VERY durable. Once you've felt them, you'll know what I mean!

Unlike the Studio beats that are reported to break or snap, these headphones are like a five star hotel, there are very little complaints, except for those posh critics :P

Now onto the style of these bad boys.

Basically everyone knows and respects the "Beat" brand of headphones, and anyone will recognize you're wearing them instantly.

They look and feel amazing, starting with the flushness of the joints. Every metal piece joins perfectly, and there are no awkward jagged edges or un-fitting pieces anywhere, unlike the pros predecessor, the studios.

The red beats logo on the ear cups are beautiful to look at, and you'll find yourself staring at yourself in the mirror with your headphones on thinking, "What a beast ;)"

The cable that comes with the headphones is very thick, so it NEVER gets tangled, and protected very well, so you won't find yourself replacing the cord anytime soon! ( Soon being 8 years! )

The "springy" part of the cable also comes in handy so many times, because accept it or not, everyone yanks out the cord once in a while by mistake, and this spring prevents anything from going "SNAP!"

I would recommend using these headphones on a laptop since they use a fair amount of energy to work, but if you have an iPhone 4 or iPod touch, they work fantastically!

Which is another great feature of these headphones... NO BATTERIES! So no more having to spend that 5 dollars on batteries every week. It's basically saving you money in the long run if you decide for these headphones over the Studios

The sound leakage is near to none since these headphones cover up and mould to your ears fully. I did a test with my brother last night, and I told him to put the volume up to half. I couldn't hear anything but some little noises in the background.

I then tried the headphones on at half volume, and the music was BOOMING!

Overall, i'm very impressed with these. They are amazing headphones no matter how you look at them.

I've travelled to America, and Dubai with these things, and I can tell you now, they perform very well while going places.

You'll find yourself using the alternate audio input jacks a lot, or at least I do, since i'm always changing seats, positions, and the pocket which my phone is in!

If you want a well-rounded, stylish, amazing sounding, and durable headphone, then really, this is the right choice. Even for you people who aren't "Studio" producers, these are amazing for everyday listening and walking around.

You aren't just paying for the brand here, you're paying for some serious quality headphones that will blow your mind the second you hear them!

Just make sure the songs you play are high quality, because these headphones truly pay attention to detail.

I was unsure when I bought these as I saw many reviews encouraging that there are better headphones out there for this price, but for the quality of build and style, equipped with sound quality of these things, I beg to differ...

I really hope this review helped all of you people who aren't sure on wether to get these or not, because for the extra 100 dollars up from the Studios, it's worth it, no matter what anyone says.

And yes, these sound FAR better than the cheap plastic, poorly built, and lesser sounding Studios, and have much more value for price than any other headphone i've tried out.

For those of you who've read this far, Thanx ;D

P.S, i'm listening to Alejandro - Skrillex Remix, and my gosh, you have no clue!

^To all you Dub-Step techno DJs and *listeners* out there, get these headphones NOW!^

Product Feature

  • The sound of the studio. Beats Pro headphones sound so good because they bring back the quality lost in modern-day file compression.
  • Clear highs and deep lows. Beats Pro are made of steel and aluminum, giving you an interior sound platform more solid than most. That's why you'll feel the kind of bass that resonates deep in your chest when you play your music.
  • Practically indestructible. No cheap plastic, no frayed cords. Beats Pro headphones are made with an aluminum frame with a matte anodized finish, encasing overstuffed ear cups.
  • True noise reduction. Because Beats Pro headphones have heavily padded, pivoting ear cups, you get the noise cancelling effect without the need for power switches or batteries.
  • What's In The Box: 4.2mm coiled cable with 3.5mm twist lock plug ,1/4-inch audio adapter ,In-line control and mic cable (features may vary) ,Carrying pouch, Beats by Dr. Dre cleaning cloth

Product Description

Beats Pro headphones are designed for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously and are designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist originally intended.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Blackout
  • Brand: Beats
  • Model: BT OV PRO BKO
  • Released on: 2013-11-13
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.28" h x6.86" w x9.14" l,.79 pounds

"Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone (Infinite Black)"

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