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Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Drenched in Teal)

Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Drenched in Teal)
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2Ehh, what's your priority?
By John T. Shea
Just for the record, I'm not your typical jaded 'beats hater', largely (well probably solely) because I didn't plunk down my own hard-earned cash on these expecting to be blown away. I simply had a bunch of Macy's store credit and gift cards with no better place to go than on some new cans. I figured they would be disappointing but passable and that's exactly what they are. Do they sound like junk? Not to me. I'm not an audiophiles, but I know sound reproduction, and to my ear, these sound like about your average $60 pair of lower-end Sonys or mid-level Skullcandys..not bad, but certainly not good either. The bass response is, sonically speaking, the best part of these phones. It's detailed and full without being overpowering, however it is a bit 'boomy' meaning you get the distorted pop on vocals beginning with the letters p and b, especially at higher volumes...and being that these puppies aren't very sensitive, you will find yourself listening to your music up pretty high. Aside from the bass, the rest of the sonic spectrum is very unspectacular on the Solos. I wouldn't exactly call it muddy, it's more just that the mids aren't detailed or crisp enough and there is not nearly enough musical separation.

Look, let's just call it what it is, the Beats Concept is not based on great sound, it's based on making a fashion statement. The packaging is slick, they look fantastic, and they let everyone know you have $200-$400 to throw down on a pair of headphones. Sound-wise, they simply sound nowhere remotely close to what you would and should expect from a $200 set of phones. To be fair, I would probably give them 3 stars were they not so comically overpriced, as the build quality seems acceptable, the bass response downright enjoyable, and to be frank-the look is just downright smokin'. However I have to knock off a star for the simple fact that you could buy TWO pairs of Grados or Sennheisers for the price of the Solos that sound far better and might even leave you with a couple bucks left over to buy yourself a Caramel Machiato or two at Starbucks.

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3Great bass but over priced for quality
By J. Gilliland
The Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD headphones in my opinion are ok. I'm no audiophile but I do appreciate music and have a great ear for hearing slight differences. I recently purchased these after having my Bose on ear headphones for a few years (was very pleased with them) and decided to try the solo hd's because they are both on-ear models and was looking for a new pair. Having compared the two for a while now I will be returning the Solo HD's for a few reasons. This review is to compare the Bose on ear vs. the solo hd's

Style: give it to the monster beats, sleek design with gloss finish. You will definately be noticed with these headphones and not in a bad way.

Portability: monster wins with this again. Both come with carrying cases. While I do like the bose because the case seems more duable the collapse-able design of the beats is a bit smaller and has a small sleave to fit the cord into. Speaking of cords the monster cord that comes with the beats is much better than the bose. Just buy holding/looking at the cord it is way more durable, tangle free, and gold plated. Monster also makes a perfect length cable as well. The bose cord I found for me, got tangled easily, very thing, and doesn't seem half as durable.

Sound: This goes to the BOSE headphones. While the beats has a very good bass and it's not distorted it's lost when it comes to hearing highs and the treble seemed a little off. I listened everything from R&B to hip-hop and the beats was amazing. Then I listened to some classical, pop, and rock. The beats lost me when it came to those genre's and it was almost like a "muddy" sound, not as crisp. I listen to the same songs using the BOSE and it was a very clear difference as the mids/highs were much better in the BOSE. The BOSE bass can be a bit distorted though when it came to hip-hop/r&b songs. Drums/hi-hats/symbals/bass in the beats were very crisp and I heard a few drums sounds in songs I had never heard before but everything else, again felt muddy and not as good as the BOSE.

Comfort: I wear headphones a lot when traveling and even sitting at my desk listening to music. The BOSE win in this one as the padding on the ears are very comfortable and I can wear them for hours. The monster beats put too much pressure (and I have a small head... 6 1/2 hat size) on my ears and were uncomfortable after about an hour and a half.

Bottom line: If you're used to using come-with-mp3 player or cheap headphones this is a very good upgrade, and if you're looking for a fashionable headphone and have $180 to spare go for it. I recommended trying out the headphones for a bit (best buy you can return them within 30 days as long as there is no damage) and see if you like them and compare them to something similar. Personally I am still going to use my BOSE on ear and look for something different. On ear headphones...BOSE definately. I will be trying out the Monster Beats Studio to see if they are better than the Solo HD's.

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1Worthless and OVERPRICED junk
By R. Jackson
Up front, I identify I did not purchase these on However, to save on an extremely detailed negative review, I'm going to simplify this; SAVE your money and buy anything else; seriously. Bob Marley's, Sennheisers, SkullCandy's anything! These are 'plasticy', poor in every possible musical response and cheaply glued (or snapped) together. They are and hear me clearly; an overpriced gimmick, a fad item that simply is a visual trend... They suffer in quality in every category and I simply can not provide a positive summation for either the cost or performance.

**Dre, you create and perform music like no one else, but MAN are you killing the public this is heap of trash for a quick buck; shame on you!

Product Feature

  • Solo HD High-performance with advanced driver design that allows you to enjoy every studio nuance of your favorite music. Deeper bass, bolder midrange, and cleaner, undistorted highs, long-wearing, comfortable that keeps the sound in and noise out
  • Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity
  • Beat Studio sound, in a smaller, lighter on-ear design
  • Compact and incredibly lightweight, the tri-fold design allows Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth with antimicrobial treatment polishes and controls germs.

Product Description

Taking color to the Extreme, New Color Solo's are monochromatic featuring a strong color pallet. Matching Monochromatic cable, product case, foldable design an d signature Beats sound.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Matte Teal
  • Brand: Beats
  • Model: BT ON SOL CW2 TEL
  • Released on: 2013-10-20
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.28" h x6.86" w x9.14" l,.79 pounds

"Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Drenched in Teal)"

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