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Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (White)

Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (White)
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4Vast Improvement From v1.0 Tours
By Josh Lien
The beats by dre. sound signature is meant to be a V-curve based response with boosted bass and treble. If you are an audiophile who prefers balanced and flat sound I would not reccommend this product. However if you're interested in colored and 'fun' sound this is not a bad IEM for those purposes.

The beats tour v1.0 also held this signature however the bass bled into the midrange and distorted vocals. For some they don't really care as long as it gets the bass that they want. After burning these in for about 2 weeks with brown, white, and pink noise I can give some impressions.

-Bass does not distort, even at the highest volumes.
-Both bass quantity and bass clarity and quality are present.
-Midrange recessed but average listeners probably won't mind too much.
-Much more balanced than the tours v1. If you're looking for boomy sound then go for the beats 1.0
-Vocals are clear and without bass bleed.

As far as build quality goes, these buds feel like glass cannons especially because of the L-shaped 3.5mm plug that goes into your audio jack. It feels very fragile and could snap easily. Other than that I don't really see a problem.

Beats have received a negative reputation for charging premium prices for mediocre to average audio quality when compared to other brands which offer the same quality of sound or better (Shure, Monoprice, Klipsch, AKG, etc). Like many other reviews will probably say, you are paying a lot for that bright red B logo on the headphones. At the $150 price point there are definitely other IEMs with better sound than the Tours v2.0; however it is nice to see Beats finally start putting effort into their sound quality, as evident from the new Studios and Tours.

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2You are mostly paying for that b
By MusicFan137
I didn't buy these, because I knew they are overrated based on my research. However, I did have a chance to listen to a pair that my friend owns for a few days. I used my own Comply ear tips, so I know I had a good seal, plus it's kind of gross to wear someone else's buds, though I was surprised how clean they were when he lent them to me. I always clean my own ears before I use ear buds.

They weren't as bad as I was expecting, but I do have several other earphones that I like better, and most were much less $. My favorite phones are my Bowers and Wilkins C5 for $180. They are the perfect sound for all music. My 2nd favorite are probably Apple dual balanced armature driver buds that cost me $60 or 70. However, for about $20 my Altec Lansing MUZX606 has a single balanced armature driver and are very close to the Apples (I bought 8 of these to give as gifts). The armatures offer amazing detail and clarity, but not such powerful bass. That is why the Apple has 2 in each ear, and others have 3 or 4, but cost hundreds of $. Other very good buds are BrainWavz M4(bought a few for gifts), Audio Technica ATH-CK1W(designed for women, they have a GREAT full and natural sound but look a little cheap. I bought several for $10 each to give away), Klipsch S4 and even S3, plus my Sennheisers CX300B and CX280 (the CX200 are ok for $20 but not great).

The Beats Tours have a bit too much bass for my liking, it overpowers and the mids are pretty unnatural sounding. I am very serious when comparing buds. I listen to a song or part of a song that I am very familiar with, then quickly switch to a different pair and listen to the same song. I will do this for several or many different songs, of different types of music, and a 256k or higher bit-rate.

I am giving the Beats 2 stars as an overall value. I would give 3.5 out of 5 for sound quality. They are also pretty well built. I can't comment on any microphones since I never use them.

While they are not terrible, I do believe most people really just want that b for others to see. I personally don't care what my buds look like or what others think, as I am on a quest for the perfect sound quality, but can't pay more than $200. For people who really like bass-driven music, I would recommend SoundMagic E10s. They are only $30-$40, they have a similar sound signature as the Beats, but are even more powerful and 'in your face' than the Beats. I didn't care for them for the same reason I don't care for the Beats- the unnatural sounding midrange and vocals. I gave them away as I did with buds from Sony, Skullcandy, JVC, J-Buds, and others. The quest continues!

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By Drew Hinkle
As a musician I use Ultimate Ears and Sure in-ears, but I use beats for entertainment. These buds have awesome bass, but only if you use the correct size ear tips. The trick is to start with the largest size and work your way down only if they fall out. If the tips are too small the bass will escape your ears. There is some sacrifice of the mids and highs, I warn you, but if you want a nice, fairly full sound these should fit your bill. Good bang for your buck at $150 MSRP.

Product Feature

  • Flat Tangle-free cable. That's why we've redesigned our cables to make sure they're ultra-flexible, flat and tangle-free.
  • Improved design for better fit, delivered right to your eardrum. Replaceable ear tips and one pair of comfy foam tips included.
  • New water resistant metal housing with 3 button control talk cable. Switch easily between songs and incoming calls.

Product Description

Tours are compact , portable and made to handle music of all intensities and volumes. The improved speaker will provide an optimal sound experience.

Product Detail

  • Color: White
  • Brand: Beats
  • Model: BT IN TR WHT
  • Released on: 2013-06-15
  • Dimensions: 2.70" h x5.30" w x5.50" l,

"Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphone (White)"

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