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Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (Black)

Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (Black)
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3Heartbeats 2.0 vs.Klipsch S4i
By Book Babe
I currently own both the Klipsch S4i and the Heartbeats 2.0 and I will say that I honestly like both but for different reasons. I paired both of these earphones with a 5th gen ipod nano.


On shear build quality, the heartbeats have it. The flat tangle free cord seems to be much more durable than the Klipsch's very thin and round NON tangle free cord. My Klipsch earphones came with a tin case and I highly recommend you keep them safe in it at all times when not in use. The s4i's are not the kind of earphones you can just throw in your purse or pocket because of how fragile looking they are and also the issue I have with constant cord tangles whereas I do not have the same problems with the Heartbeats. Both earphone jacks are gold plated but the beats have the added benefit of an L shaped headphone jack that lies flat against my ipod instead of sticking straight up out of it like the Klipsch do. Style on the other hand is a highly personal choice. Some people will dig the look of the beats and some will prefer the more unisex and toned down look of the S4i's so it depends on your personal taste.


Although the heartbeats 2.0 are much more comfortable than the original heartbeats, they are not nearly as comfortable and weightless as the s4i's. The beats are heavier in ear and the tips are not as super comfy as the s4i's. Thats not to say that the beats are uncomfortable but you can definitely tell the difference in comfort between them. They both come with a great assortment of sizes for the round ear tips and they both come with the Christmas tree shaped tips for deeper ear canal penetration and noise isolation. I had no issue with finding the right fit for my ears in with either brand of the regular round tips but unfortunately I was not so lucky with the ear canal tips. The problem is that the s4i's came with one set and size of the canal tips which were far too small and the beats came with 1 set of 2 different sizes that were either too large or too small.


This is where I am torn. I love both. The S4i's sound is super clear and crisp regardless of what type of music I listen to. I listened to songs that I've listened to a million times with earbuds and without and when I listened to them with the klipsch, I could hear little details in instruments and vocals that I didn't even know were in those songs. The heartbeats on the other hand were not as clear sounding. Where the heartbeats excelled was giving me that thumping bass that I could almost feel and came the closest to giving me the same sound that I hear in dance clubs and some live shows I've been to. Because alot of the music I listen to is bass heavy, I loved this aspect of the beats but am sad that the s4i's were lacking that same awesome bass quality. Honestly if I could ever get my hands on a pair of earbuds that combined the best qualities of the heartbeats and the klipsch, I would be in heaven.

In conclusion, I believe the heartbeats 2.0 are best suited for those people who enjoy bass heavy music like club and rap, and want sturdy durable build quality. The S4i's are best for those who care more about sound clarity and comfort and are best for listening to classical for example where the detail and the clarity of the sound really matters.

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5Absolutely amazing headphones!
By S. M. Lam
Heartbeats V2 headphones are amazing! I also own the previous Heartbeats and absolutely love them, but this new version is in (almost) every way better!

The fit of the earplugs are much better and you have more tips to choose from (6 pairs of standard and 2 pairs of cone-shaped tips). The earplugs are very comfortable; I can wear them for hours and hours without any problems! The earpieces don't fall out so easily (which was major negative on previous Heartbeats) due to lighter earpieces and slimmer + lighter tangle-free cord. And the tangle-free cord is really handy: no more frustrations any more..they really never tangle!!!

The design is very we can expect always expect from Beats!

Only one negative thing I can think of: why did they ever remove the volume/forward-reverse buttons on the control-talk?!

But most important: the sound is amazing: rich deep bass and crispy clear sound! Although the previous Heartbeats already had amazing sound, they are off the charts in these headphones. I did not expect that sound quality would be so much improved! Beats by Dre really outdid themselves!

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5Great Product!
By Tonya Harvey
I purchased these ear-buds as a gift for my friend's birthday and she absolutely loves them!
Love the design and quality. A must get product if you are looking for great sound.

Product Feature

  • 7 sets of ear tips ensure the perfect fit
  • Comes with Control Talk Universal for mobile phone capability
  • Designed by Lady Gaga, inspired by her leather jacket studs
  • High performance sound; accurate speaker design delivers music with extreme clarity and bass
  • Includes compact carrying case

Product Description

Lady Gaga designed Heartbeats earphones to share her passion for fashion and sound with everyone. Inspired by the studs on her leather jackets, these premium earphones hang on a leathery cord, bringing Lady Gaga’s style and the Beats by Dr. Dre signature sound together for the first time.

Product Detail

  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Beats
  • Released on: 2011-07-15
  • Dimensions: 9.13" h x6.13" w x1.00" l,

"Heartbeats In-Ear Headphone (Black)"

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